we’re now shipping across CA and available in shops across the US. learn more

we’re now shipping across CA and available in shops across the US. learn more

we’re now shipping across CA and available in shops across the US. learn more

we’re now shipping across CA and available in shops across the US. learn more

Made with fresh premium ingredients. Totally gluten-free. Every bit as good as grandma’s.


We love dumplings

But we believe bellies deserve better than the low-quality, highly processed kind you normally find in the frozen food aisle.

so we made our own

inspired by good-old-fashioned cantonese cooking, packed with ingredients you can actually pronounce, and folded in the same way our aunties taught us

not grandma’s recipe, but we know she’ll say they’re hou hou sik

bok choy, tofu & mushroom

For our vegetarian friends, a plant-based dumpling that playfully pays homage to all the best Cantonese, Korean and Japanese flavors.
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organic chicken & chive

Delicious little bundles of health and happiness. Filled with organic chicken and flavored with a blend of fresh herbs, sesame and ginger.
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organic pork & chive

Our take on the most iconic of dim sum. Totally gluten-free and made using organic free-range pork from family-owned farms.
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serving ideas

Dip in a sauce made from gluten-free tamari, coconut amino acids, toasted sesame oil, and freshly chopped garlic and ginger. 

Pan-fry in a little avocado oil and add to rich noodle broths or stir-fries.

Pair with your favorite bok choy recipe, medium-grain rice and a glass of white.

An American-born Chinese kid, a big move to SoCal, and an even bigger idea. ABC Dumplings proves just how far a lifelong love of dumplings can take you.

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you craved, you saw,
you cooked – and here’s what you thought of our gluten-free dumplings


    "Me encantan! Mejores que los de cualquier restaurante que he probado. Probé los de cerdo y tienen muchísimo relleno y sabor. Los compré para una cena con amigos donde puse varias cosas y todos hablaron de ellos 👌🏼👌🏼"
    "I can't believe I've just discovered these amazing gluten-free dumplings. They are hands down the best ones I've ever tasted! The quality is exceptional, and they have the perfect balance of flavors. If you're gluten-sensitive and craving dumplings, look no further."
    "I’m not even gluten free, but these are so amazingly delicious and I feel great eating these and knowing that I’m putting clean ingredients into my body! "
Alicia A
New York, NY
Amanda Wong
Los Angeles
Catie P
San Diego, CA

step inside,
shoes off please

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we don't always fit in,
but we think it's better that way

Homemade Dumplings
Fresher than fresh
Freshly frozen, right after they’re folded
Nope, plenty of artificial preservatives here
Prep Time
From scratch? We’re talking a couple of hours…
12 mins
Less than 10 mins
Free from processed oils
Can't guarantee it
We’re guessing pretty great
As good as grandma’s *chef’s kiss*
Filled with artificial flavorings

frequently asked questions

Healthy means different things to different people. What we will say is that ABC Dumplings are free from artificial additives, preservatives, flavorings, MSG and gluten. And most importantly of all, they’ll leave you feeling happy.

That’s the best part. You’ll find full instructions on how best to prepare your dumplings on the packaging. But they can be ready to eat in as little as 3-4 minutes.

We’ve created a bok choy, tofu & mushroom variety for our veggie friends. We've added honey for a touch of sweetness and balance so we can't consider them vegan.

We took what we knew about traditional Cantonese cooking – as well as recipes from other American-Born Chinese families – and adapted them into something that we know our grandmas would be proud of.

Just like homemade dumplings, we make ours with fresh ingredients. We never use artificial flavors or preservatives, MSG, proceed oils or gums. And unlike most pre-made skins, ours are gluten-free.

What you do with your dumplings is down to you. Our chicken and pork dumplings can be boiled, while all three types can be steamed or pan-fried.

You can order ABC Dumplings right here. Or, pick up a pack at your nearest store.

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